Remote Video Monitoring for Cannabis Businesses

Remote Video Monitoring for Cannabis Businesses

Modern security and compliance solutions for cannabis businesses are crucial to efficient and compliant operations.  Utilizing the technology of remote video monitoring inside your business reduces the overburdensome need for multiple on-site staff monitoring the business.

Our Command Center is able to provide a “Real-Time” presence at your locations, with the Video and remote systems monitoring. We utilize proven, formal, DEA level protocols to react & manage events that occur at the location.

Video Surveillance

Monitoring your business is an essential and required component of any marijuana retail store, marijuana dispensary, grow and processing facility. Whether you manage a small or a multi-store company, most states mandate cannabis security such as remote video surveillance with particular requirements. The cannabis industry is a target by criminals not only for their products but also because the industry is known to have a large amount of cash on hand.

Monitoring solutions help you set up a dependable security network, satisfy every requirement on your license application, and avoid compliance violations.

Remote monitoring provides you peace of mind without excessive usage fees or expensive employee overhead or costly subscriptions; remote monitoring is an efficient system for continuous surveillance of your facility.  Command Centers provide cloud-based or even on-premises data logger and monitoring systems. Always know your operation systems perform compliantly with remote monitoring of your facility.

Full System Integration

A fully integrated monitoring system utilizes the phone and video supported feeds to our central command center where we have 24/7 live personnel monitoring your facility. Our staff are trained experts, equipped with two-way audio to assist and communicate with onsite staff from our Compliance Command Centers. We manage the event following your detailed, site-specific regulatory mandates and your company specific protocols.  Our Virtual Command Center Agents helping your organization for a whole host of issues that occur on site as people come and go, throughout the site operations.

Remote monitoring systems will allow your business to view incidents such as:

  • Breach of a storage area, locked inventory, a door, access to a specific area.
  • Breach of a Video or GPS Analytic/Protocol, time of day & day of week regarding specific incidents.
  • A request to assist or for access to an area, “Lone Man/Employee” Back-up.
  • Personal Panic Devices, a staff member in danger reaching out for the Compliance Command Center Team.
  • GPS, in product/assets, following item specific protocols, including dispatch to appropriate Authorities as needed.
  • Hot Phones, assist phones
  • Virtual P Escorts of Employees, Guests, and Visitors to and from specific areas
  • Monitor openings and closings

Monitoring Solutions for your Cannabis Business

While cameras alone are powerful deterrents, many criminals will still target facilities despite their technology facade. Remote video surveillance is interactive and live; the agents behind the camera can act in the moment, as crimes occur. With real-time talk-down systems issues can be resolved instantly with authorities being called to the scene to apprehend the perpetrators before they leave. A clearly much more effective system than trying to track down criminals after crimes are committed at the scene. Many times, without remote video monitoring, minor crimes may even go undetected because video footage isn’t watched regularly, if at all.

The use of surveillance cameras being monitored remotely tend to be more effectively used than surveillance managed in-house by local personnel.  Experts are in place with years of experience protecting businesses and controlled substance activity.  We put the best in place for your business, regardless of local applicant pools.

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