Remote Video Monitoring Service

Virtual Remote Interactive PHARMA Compliance Solutions Security, Safety, Protection & Related Customer Care Value Added Services

Scheduled on a random basis throughout the day. We will connect into the Video – Audio Systems at your site and visually check all camera and related devices at your location.  The PHARMA Command Center will use audio to interact with the Employees, Customers and Guests at the site on an as needed basis to create awareness, provide security and related services virtually, in real time.

Our PHARMA Command Center Team, reacting all types of “Intelligent Events – Triggered Signals” to provide a “Real-Time” presence at your locations, with the Video and Audio systems. PHARMA Command Center Staff will use established formal, DEA type protocols to react to & manage events that occur at the location.

  • Breach of a storage area, locked inventory, a door, access to a specific area.
  • Breach of some Video Analytic or GPS Protocol, time of day and day of week specific
  • A “PHARMA Tip” called in to the PHARMA Command Center for help or assistance
  • A request to assist or for access to an area, “Lone Man/Employee” Back-up
  • Personal Panic Devices
  • GPS, in product or assets, following item specific protocols, including dispatch as needed
  • Hot Phones, assist phones
  • Virtual PHARMA Escorts of Employees, Guests, and Visitors to and from specific areas

Your specific and unique “Protocol Messages” delivered to the site with the Audio Systems (2 way or 1 way), used to develop and maintain the Site “personality” and Company Brand/Image.

Cameras with two-way audio to assist and communicate with onsite staff from our PHARMA Command Centers. We manage the event following your detailed, site-specific DEA style PHARMA protocols.  Remote Command Center Staff helping for a whole host of issues that occur on site as people come and go, throughout the site operations.

All devices and phone lines that need to be to be directed to a PHARMA Command Center Staff to Respond. These events, routine and emergency triggered by Video, Voice lines or other devices need to be responded to in a very timely manner.  Adding a Camera and two-way audio to these pharmaceutical situations brings protection and allows any potential situation or emergency to be “Verified”.  This will allow emergency services to be used in very effective manner all but eliminating false situations.  Plus, the PHARMA Command Center will supply all forensic detail and reporting.

To protect any site without the participation and “Buy in” of the local effected staff population is not nearly as effective or impactful as with the total cooperation of the site, by everyone. By publishing “PHARMA Tip Lines” & Site-Specific PHARMA Protocols you let the site staff & local population know that you are serious about getting the best PHARMA Compliance possible as well as securing the site and your staff, customers and guests.


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