Anti-Counterfeiting/ Brand Protection

As the legal cannabis market evolves illicit black market products threaten your business reputation. Counterfeit products also pose significant health risks to those who purchase and consume them.

Anti-counterfeiting measures are necessary to validate that your products are the real deal. These measures also protect your IP, discourage theft, and ultimately boost your brand in the eyes of your customers.

The Dangers Of Counterfeit Products

Like any other product-based industry, cannabis is prone to fakes. However, when consumer health is at stake, cannabis operators have a duty to ensure their product is legitimate.

Cannabis operators risk a lot when they don’t tackle counterfeits:

What Does Anti-Counterfeiting Entail?

Anti-counterfeiting measures help brands significantly reduce the number of fakes on the market. C1 Compliance offers anti-counterfeiting services that include both physical and brand protection. This includes:

Protect your brand against counterfeits with C1 Compliance.

Are You Compliant With Cannabis Laws?

We can help you navigate complicated regulatory compliance issues.