Know Your Prescriber

It’s risky to dispense controlled substances. You have to exercise sound professional judgment to determine if a script is legitimate or a fraud.

The DEA expects pharmacies to follow stringent standards and determine that prescriptions were written for legitimate medical purposes.  While necessary, these standards can be burdensome for your business.

Most prescribers are honest, but all it takes is one careless practitioner to cost you millions in fines.

Pharma Compliance Group takes a “trust but verify” approach for controlled substance prescriptions.

Respect the wisdom of the practitioner while safeguarding your practice with “Know Your Prescriber”.

How it works

Know Your Prescriber is a multi-step verification software. PCG provides research and analysis of your prescribers and their prescription activity.

PCG conducts research regarding prescribers to determine if they are practicing legitimate medicine.

Know Your Prescriber service provides prescriber research relative to the following:

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