Loss Prevention Solutions and Regulatory Compliance Services for the Retail, Pharma & Cannabis Industries.

The Integritus Group

Our Mission

To Promote an Organizational Culture of Integrity and Trust that Encourages Ethical Conduct and a Commitment to Overall Compliance.

Retail Solutions

The Integritus Group understands the crucial aspect loss prevention, audit and safety play in a profitable company. To meet these challenging goals our team provides a holistic approach to total retail loss. We provide a complete outsource solution or a co-source model to support existing departments.

Our objective is to protect your companies profits and improve your overall performance. As experts in loss prevention, operations and risk we build custom solutions that fits your needs not ours. We provide an experienced nationwide team of experts to execute all functions of a successful program with the focus on earnings improvement.

Retail Solutions Include:

PCG Solutions

The Pharma Compliance Group (PCG) is the industry leader in pharma compliance services.

Our audit and compliance experts are former DEA Diversion Investigators and law enforcement professionals. Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of the Controlled Substance Act, Code of Federal Regulations and pharma industry best practices..

PCG is a full-service company committed to assisting pharma companies in complying with state and federal regulations, avoiding costly fines, legal difficulties, damage to brand and reputation as well as providing overall risk mitigation strategies.

PCG Solutions Include:

Cannabis Compliance

Regulatory Compliance for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry; C1 Compliance is comprised of former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agents, DEA Diversion Investigators, law enforcement professionals, cannabis, security, and pharma compliance experts.

C1 Compliance has an outstanding reputation assisting our clients to develop and implement comprehensive compliance strategies. Our team is committed to providing the cannabis industry with the expertise necessary to ensure your business maintains and exceeds cannabis laws and regulatory requirements. 

We ensure brand protection by minimizing risk and maintaining regulatory compliance from seed-to-sale.

Cannabis Compliance Solutions Include:

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