Regulatory Compliance

For the Cannabis & Hemp Industry

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Protect your Cannabis Supply Chain

C1 Compliance is comprised of former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agents, DEA Diversion Investigators, cannabis, security, and pharma compliance experts. C1 is a subsidiary of the Pharma Compliance Group (PCG), and for the past ten years, we have provided DEA regulatory expertise to the largest pharma manufacturers, wholesale drug distributors, and retail pharmacies. Our team members have extensive experience conducting regulatory inspections, evaluations, and investigations for the pharma and cannabis industry.

C1 has a strong reputation assisting our clients to develop and implement comprehensive management solutions. Our staff is committed to providing the cannabis industry with the expertise necessary to maintain effective compliance with federal, state, and local cannabis laws and regulations.

Our Services

Don't compromise your cannabis operations

Vertically Integrated Surveillance Services

Provide a covert review of any cannabis business during a prescribed period of time.

Interactive Monitoring

Video Guarding, Productivity Monitoring, Internal Theft Monitoring & Two-Way Voice Interaction.

SOP/ Policy Development

Assisting in developing and implementing policies and procedures to adhere to federal, state and local regulatory requirements.

Compliance Audits

Ensuring license holders from cultivation to retail are in compliance with regulatory and mandates.

Physical security Inspections

Evaluate physical security measures in place at a particular location (grow site/lab/dispensary).

Background Investigations

Cannabis company employee screening, vendors, potential partners, and acquisition targets.

Due Diligence

Investigating business operations in order to evaluate the level of risk associated with business practices.

Anti-Counterfeiting/ Brand Protection

Offering counter measures to counterfeit cannabis products, as well as, cyber and physical brand protection.

Security & Compliance Assessments

Ensure the physical security meets and exceeds regulatory mandates and requirements in operating region.

Our Mission

Rely On C1 Compliance’ Regulatory Experts And Law Enforcement Expertise

C1 Compliance has an outstanding reputation assisting our clients to develop and implement comprehensive compliance strategies. Our team is committed to providing the cannabis industry with the expertise necessary to ensure your business maintains and exceeds cannabis laws and regulatory requirements

Protect the Integrity of your Supply Chain.

Rely on our team of regulatory experts and former law enforcement officers to identify potential liabilities, help you stay compliant, and protect your product against theft or damage.