Vertically Integrated Surveillance Services

What happens at your business when you aren’t there? cannabis dispensaries and clinics need an extra layer of security to mitigate risk, and that’s where surveillance services come into play. Instead of worrying about your customers and employees 24/7, C1 Compliance helps you monitor your business with expert surveillance.

The Benefits Of Surveillance

It’s about protecting your business so you can serve your customers. You need surveillance to:

Surveillance is not only a smart way to protect your inventory. It’s also required by state law for cannabis companies. Make sure you have a quality, functioning surveillance system that protects your customers, employees, and business with C1 Compliance.

What Does Surveillance Include?

C1 Compliance offers surveillance assistance that goes beyond traditional security cameras. Our security experts will conduct a review of your business during a certain period of time. After our investigation, we’ll report to you with findings of:

Whether you run a dispensary in a small retail location or a large clinic with storage facilities, C1 Compliance is your boots on the ground. We ensure your business is running smoothly so you can mitigate risk.

Are You Compliant With Cannabis Laws?

We can help you navigate complicated regulatory compliance issues.