Security and Compliance Assessments

Although the cannabis industry is becoming destigmatized, it’s still an industry that’s more vulnerable to theft, violence, damages, and regulatory action. Your best bet is to proceed out of an abundance of caution, not just for your safety, but to minimize shrinkage and prevent regulatory fines.

C1 Compliance offers security and compliance assessments to help you do just that.

Why Do I Need A Security And Compliance Assessment?

During our assessment, we’ll determine and focus on protecting your employees and your business. Our approach helps you protect against theft (security assessment) and regulatory action (compliance assessment).

cannabis operators need a security and compliance assessment to:

5 Components Of The Security And Compliance Assessment

C1 Compliance looks at your business from a regulatory and law enforcement perspective. Our security and compliance assessment helps you put measures in place to prevent major problems that can harm your business.

Every security and compliance assessment includes:

Our team also offers as-needed security and compliance consultations. If you identify an issue, rely on our expert team to suggest areas for improvement.

Are You Compliant With Cannabis Laws?

We can help you navigate complicated regulatory compliance issues.