Physical Security Inspections

Physical security is the process of locking down the non-digital components of your business. This includes your inventory, premises, and company equipment. When you don’t have adequate physical security, you risk breaches and theft that can cost your business thousands.

Regulators also take cannabis security very seriously. In fact, a majority of regulatory penalties occur because cannabis operators don’t maintain a high level of security.

C1 Compliance physical security evaluations will assist you to minimize adverse actions to your business while maintaining and exceeding regulatory mandates and requirements.

What To Expect From A Physical Security Inspection

Every physical security inspection is unique. The specific process will differ depending on your business. For example, a grow facility would have different security needs than a clinic.

During a physical security inspection, our team of regulatory experts will evaluate your premises and make recommendations to improve your security.

Common Physical Security Improvements

Curious what physical security entails? C1 Compliance’ team commonly advises cannabis operators to use the following physical security measures:

Are You Compliant With Cannabis Laws?

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