Field Consultant FAQ's

Field Consultant is the term that The Integritus Group uses for individuals who register with us to complete projects. These individuals work as independent contractors and are free to request or apply for assignments that fit their expertise, interests, and income goals.

Project availability is based on several factors including geographical location, certification level, state licensing, and other client requirements.

Integritus Group field consultants may be provided with opportunities including, but not limited to compliance audits, inventory verification audits, interviews, consulting programs, risk Assessments, compliance checks and more.

Integritus Group projects are all individually assigned to qualified independent contract resources.

The compensation and payment terms for each project offered by The Integritus Group is clearly stated in our Performance HQ systems project opportunity postings and/or during the scheduling and project confirmation process. In addition to compensation, there may be other considerations offered with specific assignments that hold value for you.

To ensure that The Integritus Group complies with all IRS rules, we ask that all U.S. contractors provide their Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Tax ID numbers through our secure Performance HQ data management platform.

Your W-9 information is securely stored in accordance with IRS specifications. Authorized representatives of the Sassie companies that you work can access this information if they are called upon by the government to produce a W-9 from you. The databases are operated and secured by LiveShopper, LLC who has operated in the mystery shopping industry since 1998 as SASSIE and JobSlinger. LiveShopper, LLC has received IRS authorization to collect and verify (only with the individual’s explicit permission) SSN and EIN information on behalf of companies who are also IRS authorized.

There are 3 ways to get SSN/EIN verified:

  1. Enter your SSN on our secure, encrypted website, or
  2. Enter the Employer ID (EIN) of your business. If you do not yet have an EIN, contact the IRS, and request an Employer ID number for your mystery shopping contract business and enter that number instead of your SSN. This is a simple process that can be completed by visiting the website: and clicking on Employer ID numbers, or by calling the IRS at 1-800-829-4933, or
  3. You may print a W-9 form, fill it out and email it to us. To obtain a W-9 form, please visit
  4. For any of these three (3) options, if your name and SSN (or EIN) do not exactly match the Internal Revenue Service’s system, you will receive an email notice that there was not a match.

The Intregritus Group does not issue paper checks to field consultants.

Please do not sign up to conduct field projects for The Integritus Group if you cannot accept PayPal payments. (Unless previously discussed with the VP of Operations or the EVP businesses development)

Paypal is a zero cost option for you to accept payments from us. Your funds will arrive faster if you are registered for your free PayPal account at
When a payment is sent to you, an email will arrive from which indicates how to claim the funds. The message will also indicate the date range the payment covers, so you may view your online project log to see what has been paid. Projects that have been Paid are marked “Paid” on the log.

Payments are sent out from The Integritus Group via PayPal to the email address in your contractor Profile using an automated process. To receive the payment, be sure the email address in the contractor profile is associated with your PayPal account. If it is not, the automated email message from PayPal will instruct you regarding how to claim your payment.

All field consultants will be paid via PayPal on the 20th of the month following the date of project submission. Therefore, if you did a project in September, whether you submitted it on September 1st or September 30th, you would be paid on or about October 20th.

We value our relationships with our field consultants and want to make sure all that you receive appropriate compensation. If you have a question about a payments, please email Be sure to include your assignment number, date the project was conducted and your first and last name.

All yearly earnings records are produced by PayPal. Login to your PayPal account to download your 1099 information.

The Integritus Group does not send 1099 forms to independent contract consultants who are paid via third parties per IRS guidelines.